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Dillon Music - Tenor Saxophones

Tenor Saxophones

    Buescher 400
    Buescher 400 Tenor sax in good condition. Pads come with metal resonators. Stainless steel springs. Gold lacquer with nickel silver plated keys. Horn has been relacquered. Comes with SKB case.
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    Price: $1,495.00 (USD)
    Buescher True Tone
    Buescher True Tone tenor saxophone. Relacquered with about 85% left. Nice vintage horn. Pads and corks are in good condition with plastic resonators. Several surface scratches throughout. Comes with original case.
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    Price: $995.00 (USD)
    Martin Vintage Tenor Sax
    Vintage Martin tenor saxophone from the early sixties.  Horn has been relaquered and has some lacquer wear on mostly on the bell.  Gold body with nickel silver keys.  Metal tone booster resonators with leather pads.  Stainless steel springs.  May need some adjustment and regulation.  Comes with original case.
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    Price: $2,795.00 (USD)
    Phil Barone Tenor Sax
    Used Phil Barone tenor saxophone.  Dark lacquer with keys remsembling a MKVI.  Pads corks felts and springs all in very good condition.  Lacquer is nearly 100%.  Full sounding horn with nice projection.  Comes with contoured case.
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    Price: $2,695.00 (USD)
    Selmer MKVI
    Vintage Selmer MKVI  tenor sax 214XXX from early 1970s. Original lacquer 85% intact with some minor blemishes and surface scratches throughout. All pads and corks in good condition. Standard Selmer bluesteel springs and  plastic domed resonators. Paris horn includes original trey pack case. 
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    Price: $5,995.00 (USD)
    Selmer Prelude TS700
    Used Conn-Selmer TS700 tenor saxophone. Gold lacquered body and keys with blue steel springs. Several small dents in stem. Surface scratches throughout. Pads and corks in good condition. This will make an excellent marching band instrument. Comes with original case.
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    Price: $495.00 (USD)
    Selmer Super Action 80 II
    Used Selmer Super Action 80 series ii tenor sax. Nearly new condition. Some minor surface scratches. Original lacquer 99% intact with no dents or dings. Pads and corks all in very good condition with blue steel springs and metal domed resonators. Comes with original case.
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    Price: $3,995.00 (USD)

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