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Dillon Music - Flutes


    Armstrong 104
    Used Armstrong 104 model student flute. Nickel plated with minimal surface scratches. Just repadded. Plays very well. Comes with original case. Great instrument for the beginning flute player or for marching band.
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    Price: $250.00 (USD)
    Artley Student
    used Artley student flute. Nickel silver body and keys. Offset G, C foot. Surface scratches throughout. Recently repadded. Comes with case. Great student instrument.
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    Price: $225.00 (USD)
    Avanti 2000 Series Flute
    Demo/Like new Avanti flute. Open hole with offset G and B foot. Y cup arms. Silver plated body with silver head joint. Great playing instrument in demo condition. Plays well and comes with french style case with case cover.
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    Price: $1,650.00 (USD)
    Bundy Student
    Bundy student flute. Nickel body and keys with stainless steel spring. Recently repadded. Great instrument for beginners or as a second flute for marching band. Comes with case.
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    Price: $195.00 (USD)
    Emerson 9
    Emerson Model 9 flute. DeFord thin wall silver body and foot. Silver head joint has been gold plated. Features closed holes, offset G, B foot and rolled toneholes.  Pad and corks are in good condition. Beautiful dark tone. Should be a great step up or doublers flute. Comes with original case and case cover.
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    Price: $795.00 (USD)
    Gemeinhardt 2SP
    Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute. Silver plated body and keys. Pads and corks in good condition. Slight surface scratches throughout. Comes with case. Very good beginner or marching band instrument.
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    Price: $195.00 (USD)
    Gemeinhardt M3
    Used Gemeinhardt M3 flute. Silver plated body, keys and headjoint. Open hole, inline G with B foot. Pads and corks in good condition. Plays well. Case has a space for an extra head joint. Comes with case cover.
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    Price: $495.00 (USD)
    Yamaha YFL-481
    Used Yamaha YFL-481 open hole intermediate flute with sterling silver body, foot joint and head joint. Includes in-line G and C foot. Overall very good condition with minor surface scratches and includes original case.    
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    Price: $895.00 (USD)

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