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    6 Key wooden flute
    6 Key antique wooden flute by unknown maker.  The 6 keyed flute was popular around the turn of the 19th C.  On this flute the keys have been glued down so that someone can play it as a 6 holed flute.  Sell as is.
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    Price: $95.00 (USD)
    George Cloos Flute
    Circa early 1900s grenadilla flute pitched in the key of C Low Pitch by George Cloos.  There are silver-plated rings and 8 silver-plated pin-mounted keys, as well as a tuning slide headjoint.  No cracks in the wood.  Fully restored.  It includes the original case and grease cup
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    Price: $895.00 (USD)
    Klingson Rosewood Fife
    Circa 1920s rosewood 2-piece fife with nickel-silver ferrules pitched in the key of C (D).  Klingson was an employed trade name used by Karl Hammerschmidt (1873 - 1945).  It has 7 holes, with the 7th hole raised for pinkie.  12-1/2" long.  No cracks in the wood  Very good condition.  No case.
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    Price: $295.00 (USD)
    Thurgood Flute
    Circa first half of the 19th Century flute pitched in C made of boxwood with ivory ferrules and end cap.  It has 4 nickel-silver flat-style square box-mounted keys.  Stamped “Thurgood / London” on all four sections.  No cracks in the wood.  Fully restored.  No case.
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    Price: $895.00 (USD)
    Walking Stick Flute
    Circa late 1800s century cane flute with one key, formerly owned by Vito Pascucci (of G. Leblanc Corporation), given to him by Leon Leblanc.  There is one wooden key carved into the wood for the pinkie.  No cracks in the wood.  Comes with a display stand that says "Canne Flute / XVIII Siecle".   Good condition.  No case.
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    Price: $4,500.00 (USD)

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