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Dillon Music - Trumpets in Various Keys

Trumpets in Various Keys

    Bach 239 D/C
    Used Bach Stradivarius D/C trumpet in lacquer.  239 corporation bell, large bore (.462") D trumpet valve cluster and includes both C/D slides. Overall good condition with lacquer wear throughout and includes case.   
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    Price: $1,495.00 (USD)
    Bach 304 D
    Used Bach Stradivarius model 304 D trumpet only in lacquer (NO Eb SLIDES).  Overall good condition with evidence of being relacquered and minor 'start' of red rod in leadpipe. No case. 
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    Price: $1,595.00 (USD)
    Bach 304 Eb
    Used Bach Stradivarius model 304 Eb (only) trumpet in lacquer. Overall very good condition for age with lacquer wear to raw brass.  Normal scratching; however, no dings or dents. Includes case. 
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    Price: $1,595.00 (USD)
    Bach Artisan AE190 Eb
    Used Bach Artisan AE190 Eb only trumpet in lacquer finish.  This trumpet is in excellent/demo condition with little to no visible wear. Has had Osmun Blueprinting service and valve alignment from Jim Becker of Osmun Music. Comes with 2 tuning slides and original case. 
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    Price: $2,495.00 (USD)
    Buffet Crampon long bell D Trumpet (only)
    Evette & Schaeft Buffet Crampon long bell D Trumpet (only) in silver plate. Overall good condition with evidence of buffeting and scratches/dents throughout.  No case. 
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    Price: $1,895.00 (USD)
    Coueson & Cie D Trumpet
    Used Couesnon & Cie "Monopole" D trumpet (only) in silver plate.  Horn dates to pre-war and was produced in Paris although there is no serial stamped (21 hand etched on back of valve cluster).  Overall good condition with evidence of dent repair thoughout including bell.  2nd valve slide has a dent which has not been removed.  No case. 
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    Price: $1,200.00 (USD)
    Getzen 300 D ONLY
    Used Getzen 300 series D ONLY trumpet in lacquer.  This instrument is in overall good condition with surface scratching throughout. Includes case.  
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    Price: $595.00 (USD)
    Schilke G1L F/G
    Used Schilke G1L F/G trumpet in silver plate. This trumpet is in Demo/Excellent condition with little to no wear. Comes with full set of bells and slides for both keys of F and G. No case. 
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    Price: $2,895.00 (USD)

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