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Dillon Music - Marching Brass

Marching Brass

    Kanstul 285 Marching French Horn
    Used - Demo Kanstul model 285 marching french horn (pitched in Bb) in lacquer. Excellent condition and includes case. .470" bore and 10" yellow brass bell. 
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    Price: $995.00 (USD)
    Kanstul 955 Flugelbone
    Used Kanstul 955 Marching Bb Flugelbone. .500" bore Monel Piston valves, 8.5" yellow brass bell flare. Instrument is in good condition apart from dings in bell flare, evidence of previous bell crease repair around edge of flair and minor lacquer wear and scratching on bell flare and contact points. Comes with original case and Kanstul 12C Mpc.
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    Price: $1,395.00 (USD)
    Olds Marching French Horn
    Used Olds (Elkhart, IN) marching french horn in F.  Overall very good condition with little wear, surface scratching and minor ding in leadpipe. No case. 
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    Price: $450.00 (USD)
    Used DEG Dynasty II 2 Valve G Mellophone
    Used DEG 'Dynasty II' 2 valve G Mellophone in lacquer (nickel silver).  Overall very good condition with minor lacquer wear and includes original case.  
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    Price: $695.00 (USD)

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