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Dillon Music - Euphoniums / Baritone Horns

Euphoniums / Baritone Horns

    Besson BE968 Euphonium
    Besson BE968 Bb euphonium in lacquer with gig bag.  11" upright bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .580/.650" bore.  Lacquer finish scores about 40%, and 4th valve hold down was removed but this classic euphonium plays well plus has all original caps and finger buttons.
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    Price: $1,895.00 (USD)
    Imperial Euphonium
    Imperial (Boosey & Hawkes)  Bb Euphonium in silver with case.  11" upright bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .580/.650" bore.  Takes medium shank mouthpiece.  
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    Price: $1,895.00 (USD)
    Perantucci (Sterling) 1065GHS Euphonium
    Perantucci (Sterling) 1065GHS Bb euphonium in silver with case.  11.75" bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .590/.670" bore.  
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    Price: $4,395.00 (USD)
    Yamaha YBH-301S Baritone
    Yamaha YBH-301S Baritone in silver with case.  Key of Bb has 8.25" bell and 3 top action pistons of .504" bore.  This horn is in great shape and plays very well.  Perfect for Brass Band or young euphonium student needing a smaller instrument to carry.  
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    Price: $1,695.00 (USD)
    Yamaha YEP-842S Euphonium
    Used Yamaha YEP-842S Bb Euphonium in silver plate with gig bag.  11.8" upright bell and 3 +1 compensating pistons of .591"/.661" bore.  Instrument is in overall good condition with surface scratching, minor dings and minor wear at contact points. 
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    Price: $5,195.00 (USD)

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